It's All About Preganancy

It's All About Preganancy

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Pregnancy is a special time in woman's life, is also a time of great physical, emotional and social change, a time to explore, to learn new things about our own body and happiness, and also full of doubts and confusion.

“Pregnancy is a beyond unforgettable moment of life, Because here you are going to meet love of your life!"

After your Pregnancy, life of women never be the same again. Right now, you have more questions than answers. How do I stay healthy? How do I ensure that my baby is healthy? How can I have a normal delivery? It is said that childbirth signifies rebirth of a woman. Motherhood is a time of transition, women can experience a range of strong, changing and even confusing emotions. Most of mothers either new or experienced neglects their own health while raising their child in a best way. This is the time where physiotherapy play an important role in prenatal, during childbirth and postnatal in women's and baby care.

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